Take emotions out of trading!

Use time-tested, pre-configured sell rules. Create your own sell rules! AND Let them govern your exit strategy.

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  • Too busy to monitor your stocks portfolios?
  • Continuously worry about your holdings?
  • Keep saying Should’ve, Would’ve, Could’ve, Next time?
  • Keep repeating the same mistakes over, and over again?
  • Keep staring at your holdings like a deer in headlights when losing money?

Our mobile friendly solution
to use time-tested, pre-configured sell rules.

  • Allow those rules to govern your exit strategy
  • Take emotions out of your trades!

  • Sample Rules:

    Maximum % protfolio loss

    Sell my holdings if my loss is more than x %

    Maximum % position loss

    Sell my position if it lost more than x % of my buy price

    Maximum % gain per position

    Sell my stock if my gain is more than x %

    Dropping below moving averages on high volume

    Sell my holding if it breaks below a given moving average on high volume

    Watch My Risk application can be beneficial to any equity investor.

  • Investors who are not in the category of ‘buy and hold-forever’
  • Equity investors with a busy daily life
  • Investors who let their emotions take over while trading
  • Investors who are less savvy and need someone to guide them
  • Savvy investors who establish their own rules

  • How it works:

  • User registers to WMR service using our web or mobile apps
  • User connects his brokerage account(s) or creates portfolios manually
  • WMR assigns a set of default rules to each of user’s brokerage accounts
  • Rules are initially disabled and in notify-only state
  • User review rules, make changes or use them as they are
  • User enable rules
  • User decides to keep some or all rules in the notify-only state
  • Once happy, user allows WMR to place sell orders if a rule is triggered